Ripening Calendar…

When the Berries Will Be Ready…

The harvest usually starts soon after Fourth of July (with raspberries) and ends with the first hard frost of the Fall in late September or early October. Therefore, we usually open the farm on or around July Fourth and remain open until Columbus Day.

We will generally be open for sales of jam, honey, syrup, books, & coffee between the above dates, even if it is before or after the harvest/picking season. We are a PYO farm but usually have pre-picked berries available in our farm store.

Picnics and pleasant walks around the farm are welcome. However, dogs are not permitted in the orchard please, even on a leash.

Please call us at 802-767-3989 during the season for up-to-date picking conditions. We will leave a fresh recorded message every day during the season. For all pre-season and post-season inquiries, call 802-767-9385.

Ripening will vary from year to year depending on the weather. However, the dates that berries are usually ripe are:

July 7 or so

Summer Raspberries ripen first.

We have 2 acres of summer raspberries, in 2 varieties at present: Reveille (yes they come up first!); and Nova. We also have a small patch that includes Prelude, Encore and Boyne. Six hundred new Prelude plants are going in in 2014 but they won’t produce fruit this summer.

July 21 or so

blueberries-100Blueberries arrive. We have more than 2,500 bushes, in four varieties: Patriots ripen first, quickly followed by Blue Crop & Blue Ray varieties, and finally our Jersey blueberries ripen around mid-August and last until mid-September or longer. The amount of fruit we get from these acres can be eye-popping! The bushes can produce 10-12 lbs each!

Late August

raspberriesFall Raspberries ripen. We planted a large patch (about 700 plants) of late-summer fruiting raspberries in 2013 which produced very well last fall. They included Himbo-Top, Autumn Britten, Anne (golden), and Polana. We expect our best raspberry yields to come from these plants this year.

September 15 or so

blackberriesBlackberries start around mid-September. We planted some Prime Jim and Prime Jan last year and they might give us some fruit this fall. We also planted some Chester last year but they won’t bear fruit until 2015.