Community Supported Agriculture

mother-childWe are offering Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares again this year, available until May 31, 2017.

One share of $100 entitles you to $110 worth of PYO berries (bonus value of 10% ). Half-shares are available: $50 will buy $55 (bonus of 10%, same value as a $100 share, just less cash commitment);

Two shares worth $200 gives you $230 of PYO (bonus of 15%);

Three shares worth $300 gives you $360 worth of PYO (bonus of 20%).

In other words, by pre-paying for your berries, you get to pick more than what you paid for. CSA works for us too because you pay for your fruit early when all farmers run low on cash–during the spring–that’s where there is a deadline.

Here are the rules:

  1. Shares must be bought and paid for by May 31, but more shares of the same bonus value can be bought during the season if you have bought at least a half-share before May 31.
  2. Shares can be redeemed at any time during the 2017 summer season, but unspent credit does not roll over to 2018.
  3. Shares can be used to buy PYO berries as well as other products in the farm store, including our organic jam, raw honey, maple syrup, coffee, and books. Shares cannot be used to buy pre-picked berries.
  4. Shares are for an individual only or may be set up with one other share partner only (in other words they are not transferable).

To sign up, please write to us using the mail form on the Contact Us page, or to Questions? Call us on 802-767-9385 or write to us. But remember, CSA shares must be bought and paid for by May31.