Saturday-Sunday August 29-30, 2015


We are open on the weekend, from 10-6. However, picking will be slim–the fall raspberries were well picked down on Friday and without rain the ripening process is slow. The farm store is open for sales of raw honey, jam and syrup.

The blueberry season is over although there may still be some scattered fruit to find. Summer raspberries have passed by, but fall raspberries have a good fruit set, and as we move into September their numbers will build up and they should continue well into October. First pickers in each day will do best, since raspberries can ripen up literally overnight (with enough moisture and sun). We have a small planting of fall blackberries that should give us a crop some time in September.

Please call ahead for picking conditions 802-767-3989–we will update the phone message at the farm every day now that the season is underway.

We have our raw honey, jam, and maple syrup for sale at the farm. These products are not certified organic, although all ingredients in the jam are certified organic save for the Pomona’s fruit pectin (made from lemon peel), and the honey is raw and unfiltered, and the bees are kept well away from any spraying or GMO crops.

During the season, do check out our blog for updates and other important information. Or drop by for a coffee or tea, a jam sample, or just to take in the beauty of this corner of the valley on a gorgeous day and say hello. We have coffee and free Wi-Fi.

Rob & Patricia