Saturday July 23, 2016

We opened the blueberry patch for picking Thursday. Our regular hours are 10AM-6PM, weather permitting.

The weather has been fairly kind this year, aside from the dry spell in April/May, and it looks like we should have a good crop of blueberries. As always at the start of the season, only some of the fruit is ripe and even the bluest berries can be a little tart. Sweeter fruit, and much more of it, will be available as we move into next week. The blueberry season should continue through August.

So far the summer raspberry crop has been a bit meager, the pace of picking has exceeded the rate of ripening, and we have run out of ripe fruit by early afternoon. Therefore, the first pickers in will do best–come early for the best results or call ahead to get an update on picking conditions: 802-767-3989. Summer raspberries will go on in modest numbers for another week or more–the Taylor and Anne varieties are just ripening. The fall raspberries ripen in late August and go into October.

See you at the farm!


We have raw honey, jam, and maple syrup for sale and we can ship you these products. (All ingredients in the jam are certified organic save for the Pomona’s fruit pectin–made from lemon peel–and the honey is raw and unfiltered, and the bees are kept well away from any spraying or GMO crops, although none of them are certified organic). Please write to us using the contact page or to and let us know what you would like.

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